Thursday, April 30, 2009

Automatically Create Oracle Business Intelligence Repositories for Oracle11g Cubes

An OBIEE Plug-in for Oracle11g OLAP was released on the OLAP Option page on the Oracle Technical Network today. The plug-in allows you to automatically create OBIEE repositories that can be used to query Oracle11g cubes. It's really, really easy. The OBIEE repository created by the plug-in allows OBIEE to query all content of the cube, including summary data and advanced calculations. This is a great way to demonstrate how the Oracle cube can enhance the performance and analytic content of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition.

The OBIEE Plug-in is used with Analytic Workspace Manager (AWM), the administrative tool of the Oracle OLAP Option. Only the most basic understanding of the OBIEE repository is required to use this AWM plug-in. The plug-in creates fully configured a physical database, business model and mapping layer and presentation catalog in the OBIEE repository.

Here are some useful links:

The Oracle OLAP OTN page.
The OBIEE Plug-in instruction sheet.
A demonstration video.
Download the plug-in.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Call for OpenWorld 2009 papers has started...

This years Oracle OpenWorld conference will be held on October 11-15 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. A few days ago the OpenWorld website opened for customers and partners to submit proposals for presentations to be included in this years conference. This year there will be more sessions allocated to customer and partner papers which increases your chances of having your paper selected. The OpenWorld conference is a great opportunity to present your ideas to the Oracle Community and to add to increase your own knowledge by attending other presentations. Most importantly,all the Oracle OLAP Blog team will be onsite at the demo grounds so come and say "Hi" and checkout the latest cool 11g OLAP demos.

Presenting at OpenWorld is an amazing experience and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. There is nothing quite like it. The deadline for submission is April 19 so act fast!

Are there any benefits to presenting? Of course - but the benefits/goody bags change every year and I am not sure what we will be offering this year. Obviously you get a complimentary Oracle OpenWorld Full Conference pass which means you can get into the vast majority of events during the conference. You get access to the whole presentation catalog via the OpenWorld website. On top of the Oracle goodies, most of the vendors in the demo grounds hand out lots of other goodies (it pays to bring an extra suitcase) and most evenings someone, somewhere, is usually offering free beer. What more could you ask for!

What should I present on? The topic is completely up to you. You can talk about a recent project or a specific database feature and how you used it. Just pick any topic you think will be of use and interest to other people.

The 2009 Conference web page is here. Look for the red link "Now Live" and good luck.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Excel Update - Beta Version of MDX Provider Now Available

A quick update on using Excel to query an Oracle11g cube ....

Yesterday Simba announced availability beta 1 MDX provider for Oracle OLAP. I've been using prerelease version of the provider for a few months now and have been very happy with it. There's still some features to be added and some performance work to be done, but I think the beta 1 version is well worth trying. In my experience, the MDX provider is pretty stable and I very much like Excel as a front end to Oracle cubes.

To sign up, visit the MDX Provider for Oracle page at . You can also find a video demo on this page.