Monday, January 14, 2008

New Wiki for Oracle OLAP Option

Did you know Oracle has a public wiki? And on that wiki there is a page for the Oracle OLAP Option? Well there is and it can be accessed from here:

We (Brian, Jameson and myself) are slowly building pages and adding content. Although we have are making good progress, the beauty of a wiki is it's open to everyone so you can all contribute content.

Jameson has made an excellent start by uploading a large number of scripts to help DBAs manage and interrogate their OLAP environments. He has posted approximately 18 scripts and each script is located on its own page. The format for each page is the same: You get a description, the SQL statement itself, and sample output. You can access these scripts from the main page, listed above, or you can jump straight to them by going here:

Other pages on the wiki include:
  • Background and history
  • Terminology
  • Key features by version (coming soon)
  • Link to and Oracle OLAP Google Custom Search engine

The wiki is open to everyone (Oracle employees, Oracle Partners, and customers) , all you need to do is register with the site, at, and you can start to contribute content straight away.

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