Thursday, March 20, 2008

OLAP Option Wiki Update

The OLAP Blog team has been adding lots of new content to the Oracle OLAP Option Wiki site. To link to the Wiki click here. We have added both general and techie/DBA focused information. Don't forget the Wiki is open to contributions from everyone within the Oracle community: customers, partners and oracle employees. To join the Oracle Wiki community simply click here, or go to Registration is free.

This is what we currently have on the Wiki for the OLAP Option:

General Information
Background and History - of the OLAP Option. This covers the key milestones in the development of Express and its evolution into the the OLAP Option.

Getting Started with Oracle OLAP - This is a series of shortcuts to get you up and running with the OLAP Option as quickly as possible. We have included additional reading material and links to all the relevant documentation.

Terminology - Covers the key concepts and terms used when working with multidimensional data and more specifically the OLAP Option. There are still some blank pages but we are slowly making progress.

Versions - This page provides the key features for each version, from the latest version of the OLAP Option (11g Release 1) all the way back to Express Server 4.8. The Express server product line does go back much further (I started with PCX2.5, I think) but there is no documentation to consult to extract a list of features. If anyone can fill in the missing products please feel free to add the content.

Oracle OLAP Newsletter - Links to the current newsletter and archive copies. We have extracted the main headlines from each newsletter to make searching for a specific article a little easier.

For DBAs and Techies
Script Samples - A complete library of 29 scripts to help DBAs and developers manage the OLAP option.

Oracle OLAP How To - The purpose of this page is to cover basic principles and recommendations around generic tuning of a database running the Oracle OLAP option. This page makes the assumption that tuning the OLAP option takes precedence over any other application or option on the server.

Did You Know? - this covers how to use the OLAP Option with other key database features such as :
  • Flashback
  • Recylce Bin
  • Resumable operations
  • Virtual Private Databases
  • Job Scheduler
  • Real Application Custers
Diagnostic Techniques - for those using the OLAP option. At the moment we have two entries but we are planning to add a lot more over time, and feel free to upload your own scripts as well.
  • Diagnose OLAP API Client Sessions with SYS.OLAP$ALTER_SESSION (i.e., BI Beans, Discoverer for OLAP, Spreadsheet Add-in) (Link)
  • Relevant Diagnostic Parameters for the Oracle OLAP option (Link)

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