Monday, October 6, 2008

Analytic Workspace Manager released to Metalink

The version of AWM has been released to Metalink as patch 7420490

It includes important fixes and new features including:
  • the ability to add multiple languages to a single analytic workspace
  • individual aggregation definitions may now be defined for each measure of a cube
  • the Create Dimension user interface has been modified to allow levels of the dimension to be created at the same time as the dimension
  • the functionality of dimension and cube mapping has been enhanced to allow the application to refresh the definitions of database objects interactively to reflect the current state of database schema tables

To take advantage of all the new fixes and features, the Oracle Database 11g Release Server Patch must be installed as well. This is currently only available for Linux 32-bit & Linux 64-bit, but other ports are likely to be available soon.

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