Monday, February 16, 2009

New! Oracle OLAP Overview Video

A new fifteen minute Oracle OLAP video has been released - describing the benefits of Oracle OLAP in the context of the Oracle Database, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence platform.

You can either watch this video online, or download for replay on an iPod:
• Click here to view the video now
• Click here to download the iPod video


Anonymous said...

Stu, Hope you are well. Both links for the video aren't working. Nilesh (former pupil)

Keith Laker said...

Hi Nilesh,

I just tried the links and they are working. I admit they do take a long time to download but everything seems fine.



Stuart Bunby said...

Hi Nilesh, How's it going? Where are you hiding these days? Thanks for the comment - it seems that the links I provided were to an internal Oracle site - hopefully you can access it now? Cheers

Anonymous said...

Hi Stu, the links are working fine now, Ta. I'm well and dandy. I've been contracting since 2001. I've mostly been working with OFA & Disco up until recently. I'm just about to start working with Hyperion & OBIEE. Keep up the great Blog!