Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oracle Exadata: A Single Source of Truth (New Video)

Over the last 6-9 months we have been releasing a series of videos on YouTube under the banner of "DBA2.0" (a quick search on YouTube will list all these videos). These videos follow the work of a dedicated team of DBAs and business users as they try to get their jobs done in an environment that just keeps throwing up new challenges. Fortunately, Oracle is there to save the day...

This latest scenario deals with data warehousing and specifically Exadata. It is in two parts and the first installment has just been released - "Oracle Exadata: A Single Source of Truth". Here is the story so far:

A stroll through the halls of your IT department may reveal that there is no love lost between the DBAs and business analysts they support. In today's hyper competitive environment, business analysts need to perform more and more predictive analytics and they want the answers yesterday, but managing separate BI and OLAP servers and ensuring fast query performance can be a challenge for DBAs.

Watch this short video to see how the dynamic DBA duo address this challenge using Oracle Exadata, forging a truce with their new business analyst and even getting her to crack a smile - sort of.

Enjoy this video at and stay tuned for Part 2 which will be available shortly...

(Please Note: No DBAs or Business Analysts were harmed in the making of these videos)

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