Sunday, December 21, 2008

Get hands-on with 11g OLAP

You may have already noticed but over the past couple of weeks some new 11g OLAP training material has been published on the OTN OLAP home page.

Two new tutorials have been added to the popular Oracle By Example (OBE) series.

The first is titled 'Building OLAP 11g Cubes' and covers using Analytic Workspace Manager (AWM) 11g to build and load an OLAP cube.

The second is titled 'Querying OLAP 11g Cubes' and is a guide to querying a cube via SQL, both directly using OLAP Cube Views, and indirectly using Cube Materialized Views.

Supporting both of the tutorials is a new sample schema which gives you the opportunity to get hands-on and experiment in your own environment. Remember, that patch level is required and to always check the recommended release details for your chosen operating system.

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