Monday, December 29, 2008

Now Available! Two new Oracle OLAP Demonstrations

Two new Oracle OLAP demonstrations have been added to the Oracle OLAP product page on OTN:

Fast Answers to Tough Questions Using Simple SQL :- Oracle OLAP is a world class analytic engine embedded in the Oracle Database. OLAP Cubes and dimensions are easily accessible thru a star-model. Using very simple SQL, Oracle OLAP delivers fast answers to tough, analytic questions. This demonstration shows how to query OLAP cubes using several tools, including: Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, Application Express and SQL Developer.

Transparently Improving Query Performance with Oracle OLAP Cube MVs :- Oracle OLAP cubes may also be deployed as materialized views. Summary queries written to base fact tables can transparently leverage the fast query performance delivered by Oracle OLAP - without any changes to the application's query. The Oracle Optimizer automatically rewrites queries to cubes when appropriate. This demonstration shows how Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition seamlessly benefits from this capability. The demonstration then provides an "under the covers" view of how this improvement is achieved.

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